Release 7.2.0

We have just released Bacula version 7.2.0. This version has quite a number of difficult and important bug fixes since version 7.0.5 as well as a good number of new features. Some of the new features are: – Job Edit Codes %E  number of non-fatal error messages and %R bytes read from the disk. – […]

Baculum – Current and upcoming features

1. Baculum Ubuntu/Debian packages Preparing Baculum to use from bacula-gui source archive requires going through a few steps as manual web server configuration, PHP installation with dependencies, setting up authentication to Baculum. These actions may need a few attempts and may take a little time. For this reason, we have prepared Baculum binary packages for […]

Bacula Status Report 15 April 2015

I would like to discuss the following topics: 1. Bacula Release Status 2. The FSFE and licenses 1. Bacula Release Status As probably know, the latest release of Bacula is 7.0.5. This release  has proved quite stable but there are a few bugs open on it, and I am working on them. I am also […]

vchanger release 1.0.0 is out

Vchanger implements the Bacula Autochanger Interface to provide a virtual disk autochanger targeting the use of removable disk drives, such as USB external drives and RDX cartridge systems, as storage media. As compared to Bacula’s native virtual disk autochanger, vchanger has the following advantages: – May simultaneously use volume files on an unlimited number of […]

Baculum Overview

Baculum is a Bacula web based interface, which enables several Bacula administration functions. These include:  Running Bacula jobs (backup, restore, verify…)  Monitor Bacula services  Bacula console available via web interface  Support for customised and restricted consoles (Console ACL functionality)  Multiple Directors support  Volumes management including labeling new volumes  User friendly graphs Basic storage daemon operations on […]

Bacula Mini-Status

On Monday 9 February, Bacula Systems SA and Bareos GmbH & Co KG have reached a settlement concerning the proceedings pending in Lausanne, Switzerland, pursuant to which parties have withdrawn their respective claims. The terms of their settlement agreement are confidential.

Bacula Admin I & II Trainings

The ever-growing program of certified Bacula Training courses kicks off in January with Open-Future presenting the official “Bacula Admin I” training next week in Belgium, 13-15th January 2015. This is followed by téïcée‘s “Bacula Admin II” training in France, 20-23rd January 2015. Here are more details on the certified Bacula Admin I & II classes […]

Kern Sibbald, speaker at Latinoware 2014

Today on 15th of October, Kern Sibbald will be speaking at Latinoware in Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil. Latinoware 2014 is a Latin American Open Source Software Conference which takes place 15-17th October 2014. More than 4300 people, including students, professionals and specialists from the area, are expected for the eleventh edition of the event. Promoted by […]

Kern Sibbald Wins 2014 CH Open Source Award

Kern Sibbald Wins the 2014 CH Open Source Award Leading prize “Champions in Open Source” awarded to Kern Sibbald for his achievements with Bacula, Bacula Systems and Open Source October 10, 2014, Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland: – Bacula Systems’ CTO and Chairman, Dr. Kern Sibbald has won the 2014 CH Open Source award for his […]

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