Bacula’s Free SQL Backup Software

SQL Server is one of the most popular database management systems – if not the most popular one. As with any popular system, there are different solutions to help with SQL database management and/or SQL database backup and restore processes. Any database that might contain important data should be correctly  backed up, and this applies […]

Bacula’s Free Hyper V Backup Software

Among the widespread use of virtual machines, Hyper V is a popular choice. Therefore, with such a wide pool of users, there is a correspondingly wide selection of paid or free Hyper V backup tools that offer backup capabilities, recovery services and a long list of other related features and options. With such a wide […]

Bacula Release 9.6.5

This is a major security and bug fix release. We suggest everyone to upgrade as soon as possible. Note it replaces version 9.6.4, which was withdrawn due to some incorrect copyrights and some missing image files.

One significant improvement is for the AWS S3 cloud driver. First the ode base has been brought much closer to the Enterprise version (still a long ways to go). Second is that the community code now uses the latest version of libs3 as maintained by Bacula Systems. The libs3 code is available as a tar file for Bacula version 9.6.4 at:

Version 9.6.5 must be compiled with the above libs3 version or later.

Free Offsite Backup Software from Bacula

Backup (in various types and forms) is one of the most effective ways of protecting a company’s data against data loss or corruption. By preventing such a potentially catastrophic event, a company can avoid losing revenue, reputation and in some cases, bankruptcy. There’s a lot of different classifications of backup types, and one depends mainly […]

Bacula’s Free Tape Backup Software

Even though disk and cloud backups have come a long way and improved a lot over the years, tape backup still remains an important part of the data structure for a lot of companies. Similarly,  there is still a lot of tape drive backup software as well. Most of tape’s advantages as a storage type […]

Bacula Free Server Backup Software

While Bacula Community can be still used as a computer backup program for a single machine, it’s probably not the best use of the software. Kern Sibbald created Bacula’s core competence around the needs of large data centers, that have servers  being used for enterprise applications. Typically, you want your enterprise-level server backup software to […]

Bacula Free Open Source VMware Backup Solution

VMware is one of the most popular choices when it comes to virtualization solutions at the enterprise level. However, using the most well-known option on the market doesn’t mean that you should forget about other important things, namely – data protection and VMware machine backups. You should always have a plan in case something goes […]

Bacula Status Report — 26 February 2020

The topics for this Status Report are: 1. Bacula Release Status 2. Bacula Binaries 3. Windows Binaries 4. Next Bacula Version 5. Bacula’s 20th Anniversary === 1. Bacula Release Status The latest Bacula version 9.6.2 was released today to Source Forge and to This is a new version release since the last one was […]

Bacula Release 9.6.3

This is a minor new release with several new features and a number of bug
fixes. The catalog datbase format remains unchanged from the 9.4.4 release

Note: Release-9.6.0 had a build error when using readline, and Release-9.6.1
had an inappropriate file size for the readline history file, so both releases
have been withdrawn.

Major Baculum New Features:
– SELinux support
– New graph types
– Graphical client status
– Graphical running job status
– Capability to start, stop and restart components

Bacula Free Windows Backup Software

For people looking to have a free backup of their Windows machine or server – Bacula, an open source Windows backup software, is able to do that with ease. Both file and storage daemons of Bacula run on Windows – and its vast array of features and backup policies allow users to create a backup […]

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