Release 7.4.0

We have just released Bacula version 7.4.0. This version consists of more backports from Bacula Enterprise 8.4 as well quite a few bug fixes (28) as a number of new features.  For your convenience, I have included selected parts of the ReleaseNotes below. Upgrading should be easy since there is no database change and all […]

Baculum 7.2.1-0 Release

We have released a new Baculum version – 7.2.1-0. This release is focused on performance improvements. Despite the fact that it is a minor release, in this version we have included numerous features. Source tar archive: Signature: PGP public key: Changes: – Add run job again button – Add session cache – […]

Release 7.2.0

We have just released Bacula version 7.2.0. This version has quite a number of difficult and important bug fixes since version 7.0.5 as well as a good number of new features. Some of the new features are: – Job Edit Codes %E  number of non-fatal error messages and %R bytes read from the disk. – […]

Release 7.0.5

This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.4.   Since it fixes several major problems, we recommend that everyone upgrade to this version. As usual, the source code has been uploaded to the Bacula project of Source Forge. 28Jul14 – Fix #547 by adding .schedule command – Update AUTHORS – Fix bug #2079 […]

Release 7.0.4

This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.3.  We recommend that everyone upgrade to this version. As usual, the source code has been uploaded to the Bacula project of Source Forge. The main fixes are to make copy/migration to a second SD work, and to cleanup some of the inconsistencies in the […]

Release 7.0.3

This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.2. We recommend that everyone using version 7.0.2 upgrade to this version.  As usual, the source code has been uploaded to the Bacula project of Source Forge. Major points: There are a number of bug fixes, some of them very important. In addition we have worked […]

Release 7.0.2

We have released Bacula version 7.0.2 to Source Forge. This is a minor bug fix since version 7.0.1, but it does have one significant bug fix.   If you use shell expansion characters in any of your configuration files, we recommend that you download and install this version.  Otherwise if you have already installed version 7.0.0 […]

Release 7.0.0

We have released version 7.0.0 to Source Forge. Please be aware that this is a major new version and thus please test it carefully before putting it into production. Since there are so many changes (mostly backports from the Enterprise version), I expect to have a few problems even though we have done very heavy […]

Major Contributions to Bacula since 2008

Those of you who have been with the Bacula project for some time, will recall that I (Kern) publicly stated that my primary purpose in creating Bacula Systems was to ensure the long-term growth of Bacula (the community version). I also stated that my personal involvement with the community would decrease for several years so […]

We have released Bacula Version 5.2.13 to Source Forge

Version 5.2.13 version has 20 bug fixes since the last release. Some of the bug fixes are important. Important changes since last release: 19 Feb 13 – Fix build/configure problems with bpluginfo.c – Refactor lock_volumes so most lock a vol rather than globally – Add virtualfull-extreme test – Apply patch for chio-changer-openbsd from bug #1984 […]

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